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Where you spend your money matters, and there are environmental, economic, and health benefits to buying your goods locally. This is never more true than in the case of local food, which benefits the environment by reducing the amount of resources expended from farm to fork and requires less packaging and refrigeration. Local food benefits our economy by increasing our food security, reinvesting in local resources, and improving the transparency in our food system. Local food benefits our health by minimizing nutrient loss between harvest and consumption and may be less likely to be contaminated by chemical and biological pollutants.

LFMV's goals can be broken into micro and macro missions:

Micro mission: To help connect and conveniently distribute the goods of local farmers, craftspeople, and artisan producers to local customers as a means of cultivating a robust local economy— one that emphasizes the importance of community resilience and transparency in the face of macro events.

Macro mission: To participate and to collaborate in the larger movement of re-localizing economies in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and modern socio-cultural alienation, and by doing so, to become less reliant on fossil fuels, to reduce waste created by unsold goods, and to keep money circulating in our community.

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