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Local chicken

Family Style

We've done the work for you! One whole chicken, cut up = 2 split breasts, 2 thighs, 2 legs, 4 wing pieces....

Whole Pastured Chicken

Raised on pasture, processed on site.

Pastured Chickens

Our chickens are raised outdoors on fresh grass. The ones you find in the supermarket are cooped up in a huge...

Pastured Chickens Parts

For your convenience, we make our pastured chickens available to you in parts, so you can buy what your family most...

Split Breast

Two split breasts; skin-on, bone-in

Leg/Thigh Quarter

Two leg/thigh quarters (leg & thigh portion)


Each package contains 4 thighs

Soup Bones (Chicken)

3lbs of back, wing tips, and THE secret ingredient to the best chicken soup ever--1 chicken foot! Bring bones to the...

Chicken Livers

1 lb of beautiful, clean chicken livers perfect for your holiday pate (which freezes very well, btw)! OR lightly...

Chicken Feet

THE SINGLE MOST LIFE-CHANGING INGREDIENT most people will *never* try! Just one or two chicken feet added to your...

Chicken Hearts

One dozen chicken hearts--a delicacy if you can find them. And I dare you to find them...anywhere but here! Also...

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