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Jones Family Farm

Fresh from the farm, JFF cheeses, gelato, chicken, and more are all produced with the utmost care and all by hand by farmers passionate about food.

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CHEVRE (Goat Cheese)

Our goat cheeses are light and spreadable, bright and delicate. Plain & Simple, Sweet Fig, Lemon-Thyme,...

Cornish Game Hen

Serve your guests in style! Each tiny game hen is just right for a single serving.


One dozen of the best eggs you'll ever have!

Family Style

We've done the work for you! One whole chicken, cut up = 2 split breasts, 2 thighs, 2 legs, 4 wing pieces....


Our goat milk fetas have a good briny flavor, are bright and tangy with sweet milk notes. Perfect for your salad,...

Kuyahoora Creme Cheese

A light & tangy farmhouse cream cheese, slather on your morning bagel, use in your favorite dip recipe, or whip up...

Leg/Thigh Quarter

Two leg/thigh quarters (leg & thigh portion)

New York Style Cheddar

Creamy, sharp cheddar made with cow's milk. Aged one year, pasteurized.

Split Breast

Two split breasts; skin-on, bone-in


Each package contains 4 thighs

Whole Pastured Chicken

Raised on pasture, processed on site.


One dozen wing pieces

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