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Vendor Rules and Guidelines for 2022 Market

How it works for vendors

  • List and update your inventory for the following week’s sales Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • The online market is open weekly from Wednesday noon until Sunday at midnight to customers
  • Farmers/vendors receive an email Monday morning to see what products have sold for the week
  • Prepare your goods on Monday and Tuesday for drop off
  • Drop off your goods on Tuesday 3:30-4:30 p.m. at 5 Prospect Street (St. Mary's Preschool) Clinton, NY 13323
  • Customers pickup from 5:00 to 6:30 pm
  • LFMV charges 12% of your gross sales and farmers/vendors are paid by check monthly.
  • Products are add-edit-delete in your online vendor account
  • It is essential that farmers/vendors manage their inventory weekly in their online accounts in order to fill orders correctly.
  • Photos are not required but strongly encouraged – they really help!


  • There is currently no membership fee to list your goods on the online market
  • Vendors are automatically charged 12% (10% handling and promotion fee + 2% credit card fee) of their gross sales

Allowable Sale Items

  • All items must be grown, made, or crafted by the vendor. New York products including produce, nursery stock, meat, eggs, dairy, commercially prepared baked goods, commercially prepared foods, and crafts are all eligible for sale at the market. No alcohol, marijuana, CBD or hemp products can be sold through our online market. 


  • LFMV has a limited liability insurance plan. This insurance does not cover product liability for individual vendors. All vendors are responsible for obtaining liability insurance, licensing and/or certification required for products sold. Please refer to the following links in facilitating that applicable regulations are met: 

Promotion and Advertising

  • LFMV advertises in a variety of media and maintains a large media distribution list for press releases. However, word of mouth is the best advertisement, so vendor engagement in market awareness and promotion is important. Here are five easy things vendors can do to help increase our visibility:
  1. Send us photos and details about special promotions or other news about your products. 
  2. Follow us on Instagram @localfoodsmohawkvalley and Facebook at
  3. Share and comment on our Instagram and Facebook posts.
  4. Tag us — @localfoodsmohawkvalley — in your Instagram and Facebook posts. 
  5. Grow and make great things.

Not on Instagram or FaceBook?  That’s OK.  Email your customers, friends, and family to join our mailing list. Got more ideas?  Let us know! 

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