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Local vegetables

Organic Tomatoes

These are delicious, full flavor slicing tomatoes. Celebrity is the variety, and we've been growing these as a...

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beautifully ripe beefsteaks. Perfect for your salads, snacking and those iconic tomato sandwiches.

Cherry Tomatoes

A mix of the sweetest cherry tomatoes you'll ever have. Red, sungold, white and purple. Great for snacking,...

Organic Carrots

Sweet, crisp, crunchy, spring-planted carrots. These come bunched with tops: greens make great pesto. But be sure...

Organic Seconds Carrots

These are the carrots that branched, broke tips during harvest, etc. Nothing wrong with them except aesthetics!...

Organic Beets

Beets love the mineral-rich soils of Oneida County. These are deep-red, nutrient-packed beets with all the good deep...

Organic Leeks

Rich full flavor leeks ready to go for fall roasts and soups!

Organic Swiss Chard

Nutrient-packed, big bunches of delicious chard!

Organic Kale Bunches

The classic kale: great for soups, sautes, salads, juicing, or kale chips. One of the most nutritious greens out...

Kale Bunch

One bunch of curly kale. Great for salad, soups — even lasagna! Try it out.

Organic Lettuce

Heads of our crunchy, sweet Lovelock lettuce. This is a "summer crisp" variety, always sweet, always...


Classic basil for your pizzas, pastas and pestos!

Fresh Garlic

Freshly harvested garlic. Our first of the season!

Organic Polish Hardneck Garlic

We have been growing and selecting this variety for 6 years now. It is a big, delicious, multi-use garlic with a...

Organic Italian Dandelion

Long, rich, deep green leaves of Italian dandelion = the ultimate bitter green. It's actually a chicory and goes...

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