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Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Kriemhild Dairy Farms (pronounced CREAM-hild), is a small, farmer-owned, agribusiness specializing in high quality full-fat, and cultured dairy foods with milk sourced from grass-based herds in CNY.

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Chocolate Milk

Grassfed Creamline Chocolate Milk with simple ingredients.

Cream, Heavy

Pasteurized Heavy Cream from our Grass-fed Cows.

Cultured Meadow Butter

Meadow Butter is made from the milk of our Grass Fed cows It comes in 8oz and 1lb rolls or tubs, 2lb tubs, 5lb tubs,...

Flavored Butter

Made from our salted Bakers' Butter

Kefir - Organic

Ingredients: Organic whole milk, kefir grains microflora, kefir yeasts, live and active cultures (lactococcus lactis...

Meadow Butter

Our Meadow Butter is made in small batches only during the growing season when the cows are grazing on quality, fresh...

Real Buttermilk with Cultures

Our authentic Cultured Buttermilk is real grass-fed buttermilk, straight from the churn. It has been pasteurized and...

Whole Milk

Pasteurized Whole Milk from Certified Organic, Grass-Fed Cows.

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